White Wedding


As a young lady you would have always dreamed of picture perfect white wedding for yourself even before you had found that someone special in your life. White wedding that you have seen in real life, movies, magazines, etc. are really like your favorite fairy tale style of wedding. White wedding phrase is derived from the color white which is associated with the white wedding gown worn by the bride on the wedding day.

White weddings have been related with traditions and customs but many people would not know that this white wedding which we consider as our tradition is not so old and people started to be dressed in white wedding gowns only after few royal personalities like the great queen Victoria worn the white wedding gown in her own wedding. This motivated other people with rich background to do the same and became a status symbol for the rich and affluent family but slowly and steadily it was followed by common people all around the world.

Earlier in olden days around 18, 19 century shades of pastel color were worn as a wedding gown and even black was worn. But after the white wedding of Victoria this changed. Now the white wedding signified virtuousness, virginity, clarity of mind and body.

White wedding involves many people including groom and bride like bride's father, brides-Maid, Best-Man, Maid of honor, flower-girl, usher, ring bearer, etc. White wedding commences when bride walks the aisle with her father. Bride and the groom both take vows in the presence of family and friends in the presence of the priest in the church and the marriage certificates are signed by the couple. After white wedding ceremonies are completed all the guests head towards the reception venue along with the newly wedded couple. There drinks and food is served to all and cake is cut. Good wishes are given to the newly weds and toasts are raised. Dance is initiated by the groom and bride. After that the bride also dances with her father. And the last ritual is to head out for their honeymoon. Really white wedding are very fascinating and mesmerizing and so every girl dream of it.

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