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Wedding Rings


When you want to organize your wedding an important aspect is related to wedding rings too. Their symbol, their price, and their models are all important. Besides, you may wonder how to choose the model, whether you want white gold or yellow gold, of 14k, 18k, or 24k. Will your wedding rings have a diamond or not? Where can you buy them?

Wedding rings are a symbol of the marriage and they will be worn by the husband and the wife all their lives. That is why it is important to choose them carefully, to be made of a high quality material and you must like them very much. They mustn't clasp your finger, but they mustn't be loose either. They may be engraved with the name of your husband and your wife and with the year of your wedding, or with any other text you want.

The wedding rings are usually worn on the annular of your right hand before the marriage ceremony, but only if the engagement ceremony was performed in a church.
When you choose your wedding rings you must take into account the following aspects:
• The wedding rings must be marked (24k, 18k, 14k)
• Gold usually is yellow. If it is combined with different alloys it will become white or red. If you are not decided upon the color of your wedding rings, you may ask an expert.
• Inquire if their price includes the engraving, too
• There are jeweller's where you may give the gold from old or broken jewels they can make the wedding rings for you. This variant is cheaper.
• The price of the wedding ring varies according to the type of the gold, of the gems and of the jeweller's where you purchase your wedding rings.

Wedding rings – symbol of love
Wedding rings symbolize the love relationship between a man and a woman and their purchasing can be one of the most romantic moments in a couple’s life.


Wedding Ring Shopping

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- Titanium Era - Designs and produces titanium rings, promise rings and jewelry for men and women with aircraft grade titanium, platinum, gold and gemstones including diamond, moissanite, ruby, sapphire and more.

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