Wedding Music


Wedding music must be selected by the taste of the couple. It must be just background music which is played with slow volume or it must be enchanting. Wedding music sets the mood of the guests and bring alive the atmosphere. You can find the good CD collection of your own choice; the Classical Midi Archive is a fun place to start. Spare sometime, look out for the composer you like, and keep a list of the music that strike your imagination.

The choice of wedding music must be done most probably between sacred versus secular. If the marriage is done in traditional manner, than music of your choice might get affected, because some houses or worship place don't allow the inappropriate music and you have to follow the restriction. So selection of religious or sacred music would be the best choice.

One thing you need to decide that where you'll use the music in the ceremony. Again you need to check the religious limitations before making firm decision. Most ceremonies include prelude and postlude music, a recessional and processional music, and one song of joy is allowed in the ceremony. Religious ceremony also includes a responsorial psalm, a sung blessing, hymns or a mass setting.

Now you need to consider is what tone you want to set for your music. Now this is the most important part in setting the wedding music. The tone of the music must suit your liking, beliefs and personalities. You can also go for unusual or light-heated music with a classical feel or clap your hands and sing aloud in worship. Start planning well ahead of time so you can choose music you authentically like. And the important thing is to have fun, enjoy each and every moment with the music. Some romantic numbers to be selected to get start with the couple dance.


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