Wedding Invitation


A wedding invitation is a letter sent to the recipient asking to attend the wedding. Invitation is sent three to four month before the date of wedding. Wedding card or letter may be printed by using any methods like lithography, engraving, thermographs, blind embossing, letterpress printing etc. Sometimes specialized artist is also called upon to do some handwork on the card. Handmade wedding cards are becoming more popular these days. When wedding is planned, first thing to be considered is to decide what type of wedding you need. These days organizer of the wedding, sets a theme accordingly that decides by the couple.

When wedding invitation card is send than response post card is also to be sent with the card and must be kept in two envelopes, inner envelope will be lined and not gummed and outer one must be attached properly. The response card is used to get the idea about how many people attending the occasion so that approximate figure can be given to caterer. The recipient is asked to mail back the response a week or two before the wedding date. For the convenience of the recipient their address and pre-stamping is already done by the wedding party. Envelope also includes details regarding the accommodations. Accommodation details serve helpful tips to the recipient for the hotel arrangements, transportations and airfare.

If the wedding is rich and famous, particularly reflects your life style. Where everything is presented in the extreme and of good quality. For better wedding planning you must be having clear goal and target. It will reach to a compromise situation which will surround feelings and thoughts of wedding party plus any other people included in planning process.


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