Wedding Insurance


Wedding insurance is precisely what it sounds like. An insurance policy that covers your wedding ceremony financially and protects you against mishap and misfortune. Average cost of wedding in United States is about $27,000. So it is becoming more of necessity in today’s life.

Mostly the problem in marriage occurs due to weather condition. If the ceremony is postponed due to rain or bad weather, your policy should cover the expenses of postponement or rescheduling. If the relatives or family people suffered due to sickness or injury, expenses usually covered as well. If florists, caterers and other key vendor absent in action you may recover some cost and possibly of rescheduling the whole thing. If your reception and ceremony sites do not have their own insurance your wedding insurance policy can cover damage for the sites or going out of business.

When bride or groom is in military or in active reserves, they can be insured if they are called for duty. Cost of tuxedos or gown can be covered if the stores are damaged. When the marriage is at home and gifts are kept in house and wedding insurance can secure the policy if the gifts catch fire. You can also protect yourself against having to cancel your honeymoon trip incase of illness, weather or other circumstances.

Wedding insurance policies comes under two general categories: cancellation and liability. Cancellation policies covers when for some reason wedding got cancelled or postponed. A liability policy covers when the damage or injuries occurred during the wedding. And now a day's most of the people cover the wedding insurance, due to its substantial undertaking.


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