Wedding Favors


Wedding favors is the oldest tradition for the wedding ceremony. What are the Wedding favors? Wedding favors are the small gifts given to the guests from the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony as a gesture of positive reception. It is believed that first wedding favor was distributed by the European noblemen, which was known as a Bonbonniere. Itís a small ornament box made of porcelain, crystal and precious stones. The content of such boxes symbolizes royalty and wealth.

Wedding favors these days become necessary and elaborate part of wedding arrangement and have set up for receptions and ceremonies alike. Wedding favors are so different in elegance; style and theme, selection for favors is only depend upon the coupleís thoughts. Some of these favors include wedding flowers, trinket boxes, goblets, vases, candles and even wedding cameras. The demand and importance for wedding favors have introduced new market in the wedding industry. Wedding favors have exceeded the term trend and have become in routine among todayís weddings.

Letís understand some pros and cons of the wedding favors. There are thousands of choices to choose from. Most of the items can easily be examined by the packaging which is fairly not expensive. Some of the guests are pleased to receive an extra delicious treat to be shared on the drive home or back in their hotel area. One should take the note of that some items are perishable depending on the weather and storage. And how long it is kept before the event.

Wedding favors must be kept directly near the plates. It may also be kept at the exit station where anyone can collect after having their meal. It can also be kept at the entrance and in alphabetical order where it can easily seek by the guest in finding their name and seat.


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