Wedding Dress


Style and cut
The personality and the height of the bride will be found in one of the following classical wedding dress styles:
Ball wedding dress - Corset stretched on the body, with a round neck opening, in the shape of a V or large skirt, bell mouthed, made of vaporous materials like net, jorjet veil, organza, triple veil or satin. The wedding dress will fit both a bride who has a thin waist and larger hips, and a bride who is a little fatter.
Wedding dress type A: a classical wedding dress, elegant and simple, with a corset well defined and the skirt having the shape of a letter A, which can match any type of sylhouette and especially shorter persons. The wedding dress provides elegance and matches those brides who are fond of tradition.
Imperial wedding dress: The waist of the wedding dress is applied right under the breast and it continues with a straight skirt or a skirt type A. It is recommended to shorter persons as it offers the feeling of height and an air of elegance.
Flowing wedding dress: Wide or thin braces which highlight the breast and the neck, and continue with a light skirt which may cover any imperfections of the waist or of the hips. This wedding dress may match a romantic bride.
Wedding dress type shirt: It can be found under more shapes, it is light, in order to highlight a pretty fat woman, or narrow, which is recommended to a slim bride, with a thin waist.

White or colored wedding dress?
After she has chosen the type of her wedding dress, the bride will personalize her firstly by color.
The range of colors is extremely large, from white or ivory to shades of pink, mauve, greenish, yellowish, orange, light blue or the passional red color, being permitted almost any color.


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