Wedding Cakes


Confused selecting stuff for your wedding? That’s the reason people tend to stick to old custom instead of experimenting with different avenues. Earlier people had the simple wedding cake which would be almost similar with multi-stage and on top it would be small figurine resembling a couple.

In recent times the wedding cake has undergone major alteration. Ages ago the wedding cake used to be white cake with icing of butter-cream with limited options of flavors to savor. Now as a wedding cake you can pick from assortment diverse cakes like white chocolate, coconut, mango, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, velvet, vanilla, dark chocolate and still the list goes on and on. And there is more option in filling. Subsequent to selection of the wedding cake now we have to decide on the shape and size for the wedding cake. Wedding cake is generally made in the circular, square or rectangular shapes. If you are organizing a theme wedding than make the wedding cake as per the theme. Many people also prefer to have a heart shaped wedding cake for the ceremony but there are many other designs which you wouldn’t had dreamt of and for that you need take visit to your favorite bakery. The latest in trend is cup cake as wedding cake and it is gaining popularity among the wedding couples.

The multi-staged wedding cake can be of one layer, two layers, three layers, etc, depends on how much finances we have and how many guests have been invited in the wedding. The layers can be piled up on one another or we can use stand for the layers which suits best.

The toppings for wedding cake is mostly dependent on the choices we make like most people go for chocolate topping, topping of cheese, people with health consciousness go for toppings of fruits that too depends on the fruits seasons, etc.

The topper for the wedding cake needs to be complimenting the wedding theme, the wedding cake, and should look enchantingly beautiful. It can be edible or inedible whatever you like but generally people go for edible ones. The most important thing is that it shouldn’t outshine the beauty of the cake or vice versa.

Wedding cake should look very exclusive and deliciously stunning. So people will remember what a lovely wedding cake they had relished at your wedding.


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