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Wedding Cake South Africa


A wedding is a sweet and romantic moment for a couple. It is a big start to start a new family. When you are planning to have a wedding, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare. All of the things, from the smallest to the most important stuff have to be arranged. As we know that every wedding is very important and sweet moment for a couple, so the most suitable atmosphere for your wedding ceremony and reception is sweet and romantic. Even if you like to explore and try anyother theme, there will always be sweet and romantic feel in the place. Speaking of sweet and romantic, there will not be complete for a wedding day without a beautiful sweet wedding cake. The cake is not the main attraction of the wedding, the brideís dress and the groomís gorgeousness are the main attraction for the guests and the family members. However, if there is no cake on your wedding, it feels like something is missing.

Presenting a wedding cake is a tradition that has been exists for a long time in some cultures. It is a special wedding tradition that is known by all of the people in certain cultures. A wedding cake is not only a food that is served in a wedding reception; it has many histories and symbols that define the meaning of wedding, marriage, and family for the newly-wed couples. From the ancient Rome, this cake has been brought many meanings to a wedding; from the symbolism of good fortune for the couples, some other cultures symbolizes that they have a higher the cake is, it will be a guarantee that they will have a prosperous life. A fruit cake symbolizes the fertility of the couple, and there are many different cultures make a wedding cake as the symbol of hope and prayer for the couple in the future. Whatever the meaning is, the cake has become one of the most important wedding stuff that they couple should have at their wedding day.

In this modern day, there are various kinds of wedding cakes that have been developed from its shapes, ingredients, decorations, and sizes. The traditional cakes usually used a white cake as the most common flavors of it, but nowadays, there are many different and unique styles of cakes that you can choose by yourself in order to make your wedding to be perfect and sweet.

If you are bored with a traditional white cake, the stores will provide you with plenty of choices such as chocolate cake, coffee cake, fruit cake, lemon cake, rose cake, tiramisu, and many other flavors of cakes that you can chose by yourself. Or if you want a traditional white cake with unusual design, the bakery will be happy to make you a beautiful, attreactive, and unique cake decoration and create a masterpiece of special wedding cake for your big day. Cakes is now not the only chiche that you can get on the bakery. You can also have cupcakes, macaroons, and chocolate balls that are stacked and decorated by the hands of professional bakers. You can also choose the amount of layers that you want for your cake, from two layers to any numbers of layers that you want.

There are some ideas that you can use for your cake, for example, if you want a classic cake, you can choose a tiered cake with white sugar paste icing and decorated with fresh roses and edible pearls. And if you like delicious chocolate cake for your wedding, you can pick a tiered cake with chocolate ganache decorated with flowers, ribbons, and chocolate slates. Yes, it is as yummy as it sounds! Cupcake, or choco truffle tower can always be a unique yet delicious choice if you want to get a different style of cake for your wedding. Or, if you have your own ideas of cake for your wedding, you can consult the baker and they will surely help you to create the best custom cake for your big day.

Letís go find a best bakery to make your cake in South Africa, a city with so many choices of cake shops to fulfill your wedding need. Take a look to their pretty and delicious collection of their cakes in their shops, you may choose some of the bakery in South Africa such as Indulge Cakes, Cake Angel, Charlyís Bakery, Helenís Cake Crafts, Dreamcakes, and many other bakery that are breathtaking and mouthwatering just by look at the pictures.

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