Wedding Bands


Wedding bands are popular since ancient times, when there was a supernatural belief about a wedding ring. The Roman of the ancient age considers a marriage when a woman accepts ring from a man, even if it is without a wedding ceremony. They believed that the vein of the finger in which the ring is worn connects directly with the heart.

In England, the ceremony of wearing the ring on the finger of the bride became very important. The groom pass the ring smoothly on bride's thumb of the left hand first, then on the second finger and lastly on third finger by chanting the words of the holy bible.

In many countries such as eastern Europeans, Russians, Indians and Germans, the wedding ring is placed on left hand. However it is believed that left side is compared with negative meanings in most languages and cultures.

In early centuries, the women were the only one who use to wear the wedding ring. But later in twentieth century, these rings were worn by men also. Sometimes in this world, profession does not allow wearing rings on the finger. So people have started wearing the wedding bands on their chains. Some brides and grooms follow European custom in which they engrave each other's name inside their wedding bands. This custom is also adopted in United States.

Wedding bands are usually made of gold and it is also considered as a tradition. The early Romans used iron bands as it represents strength. But iron was replaced by gold and silver bands later on. In modern culture, men also use to wear rings and they usually wear gold rings while women wears silver ring. This indicates superiority of men.

With all the past traditions, shopping of wedding band could become a tough job. It depends upon the couples to choose ring or band usually made of gold, silver and platinum. But all it requires is a shopping for getting a perfect symbol of their love and affection that will last for long and lifetime.


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