Maui Wedding


Weddings are always joyous occasions, but planning your own can be very stressful. The assistance of a wedding planner can help relieve some or all of that stress and make your wedding day a success!

You can find many experts in Maui weddings and they can help you pick the perfect location, the flowers, limousine service, catering, cake, photographer, and so on. The experts can make it all happen for you.

The most popular locations for Hawaii weddings are Maui, Kona, Oahu, and Kauai even though there are many others. All you really need for your dream Hawaii wedding is a license and your love for each other.

Once you arrive on your island destination for your Maui wedding, you should arrange to meet with your wedding planner as soon as possible to discuss the exact location, who will be performing the ceremony, the catering, etc.

A make up artist/hairdresser experienced in Maui weddings is easily found and is willing to apply your makeup and style your hair in your hotel room or residence as the case may be. Want a facial or manicure? She can help with these as well as helping with your veil and dress.

Most couples are amazed at the variety of locations available and with a good photographer you can take home some breathtaking memories!

There are also locations that include private white sand beaches, lush gardens with waterfalls, secluded off-shore islands and more! Hawaii weddings have traditionally included flowers and leis and the ideal floral arrangements will be made to your order and seasonal availability. And if you want parrots…all you need do is ask. Chances are, someone has one or more that will be available for your wedding. They like a good wedding, too!

One more item to consider is the Hawaiian conch shell being blown three times. This is an island tradition and is blown before the ceremony. It is the Hawaiians’ way of asking for Divine Presence. There are even ancient Hawaiian blessings that can be chanted at your Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

As you can clearly understand, there are many things to look forward to with a Maui wedding.

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