Indian Wedding


Indian weddings have changed over the years. Social customs and rituals, once associated with marriages, were very important in deciding a marriage between families. There was a time when the consent of family and parents were more important than that of the bride and groom. Arranged marriages have been a very important part of Indian culture since the 4th century and this practice was begun to unite and maintain upper caste families. The dowry system was also prevalent in medieval India. This dowry custom is blocking the path of India's growth.

Like the dowry, the custom of sati is also a social hindrance. This is practiced by a widow and today, is illegal, but still goes on. Another social evil is the practice of child marriage. Originally started in Medieval India, it was intended to safeguard the interests of high castle people. They did this to prevent their children marrying into another community or class. These people considered this so important that some children were married in the cradle… literally! This is still practiced in some remote villages.

As much as most would like it, the eradication of the above practices has not happened… completely. Indian weddings have become commercialized and are often referred to as a Bollywood style wedding.

A marriage marks the joining of two people in a bond that exists not only between two people, but two souls by an Indian wedding rich with rituals and customs. It is an elaborate affair in any Indian community and Indian weddings are celebrated on a very large scale with family and friends. There are various pre-wedding and wedding functions involved and take place at the bride's and groom’s residences though the Indian wedding ceremony takes place at the brides' home.

On the day of the Indian wedding, the interior of the bride's home is beautifully adorned with flowers, colorful personal decorations and other decorative items and a mandap is built. Most Indian weddings are held in a garden or courtyard at the bride's home, but can be held in a street or square.

After the ceremony, guests are offered an extravagant dinner. Yes, Indian weddings are filled with fun and feasting and the bride and groom are typically swamped with attention and gifts and they are treated like royalty.


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