Engagement Rings


Tradition and symbol
The story of the engagement ring begins somewhere in the Antic Egypt, it continues nowadays and it will be transmitted further on, for eternity, as a proof of love which is shared and expressed, in the case of two souls which are to join their destinies forever. Engagement rings mark the taking over by the woman of a new status, that of a wife, but it can also mean eternal love. The act of offering and accepting a wedding ring is a crucial moment in the existence of a couple, or in the existence of a family, because by giving and accepting an engagement ring a new family is born. Offering the engagement ring, the man expresses his wish to spend the rest of his life together with the woman he loves, and accepting the engagement ring the woman chooses to submit her lova and her life only to one man. The custom of wearing the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand (the annular) is not accidental, because it is considered that this finger is the correspondent of the heart.

If the engagement ring as a symbol resisted in time, unfortunately the way of offering it changed in time. If some time ago this moment was considered very important, nowadays more and more couples change this moment into a banal act of purchasing a jewel. Thus, the proper gesture of offering the engagemenrt ring, doesn't have the same importance as it had in the past, the couples forgot the emotional significance of this ring and they concentrate most upon its commercial and financial value. So try, that beside the budget, the kind of the gem or of the metal, to remember the feelings of the person who is offering or accepting an engagement ring.

Engagement ring purchased with or without her being aware?
Variety of models, multitude of gems, diversity of sizes and styles can be certain obstacles in choosing an engagement ring corresponding to the preferences of your future wife. Don't forget that each woman has her special personality and it will be extremely difficult to make a correct choice without taking into account the style and the wishes of your partner. If you want something special when you ask her to be your wife, don't hurry to decide on your own, now when you are ready to share the way of your lives.


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