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Wedding day is a very important day for the bride and she desires to appear her best. She wants that everything should be perfect and fine. And there bridal wear should look extraordinarily beautiful. Bridal wear is attire put on by the bride on the wedding day. Bridal wear reflects the culture, tradition or the religion they belong to.

Customs followed in eastern parts of world like India red colored bridal wear is preferred the most as the red color signifies sacred and lucky, in southern parts of India cream, white, off-white colored bridal wear is worn. And in some regions of India green colored bridal wear is worn. Bridal wear in India is generally a sari but choli, lehanga, salwar, kameez, sharara, etc, is worn. In India bridal wear is mostly adorned with lot of embroidery, sequins and the saris are done with exquisite zari work of gold and silk. Bridal wear is available in various price ranges from reasonable priced to exorbitant priced.

Chinese also go for red color bridal wear as they too feel that red color is sacred and lucky for the bride. In northern china Qi Poa is a bridal wear worn by bride which is embroidered with silver and gold patterns. In southern china bridal wear is two piece attire known as Cheongsam, kwa or Qun Gua.

Western parts of the world usually have gowns as a bridal wear. Now a day's brides generally prefer to wear white wedding gowns. Everybody from Hollywood celebrities to common ladies most often goes for white wedding, but few brides do prefer to go for gowns of pastel color.

During the ancient times the bride would wear the bridal wear which would indicate her wealth and family background. As a result they would spend lavishly on their bridal wear. The bride would wear velvet, fur, silk, and other exclusive fabrics compromising of very bold and valiant colors. But this was affordable only to the wealthy and high class people. The poor or middle class people who couldn't afford this kind of wedding dress had to wear whatever finest piece of clothing they had or made small dress with affordable fabrics to be worn on the wedding day. But even brides belonging to the poor family looks beautiful on her wedding day.

Whatever bridal wear you prefer to wear just don't forget to wear that beautiful smile on your face.


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