Bridal Lingerie South Africa


Bridal lingerie is a must for women who get married. It is a tradition long ago for women to wear special lingerie that makes them all the more attractive In order to signify the importance of the first married night or the honeymoon spent together. Some lingerie brands are specialised in providing beautiful bridal lingerie also in South Africa. In our article, we will explore which brands are offering bridal lingerie and which other brands have outstanding collections worth visiting when looking for bridal lingerie in South Africa.
Lingerie is a must and the most attractive a lingerie is, the more special we women feel. Therefore, lingerie design and lingerie business is always on the go and lingerie stores with great designs all have a large and even growing clientele all around the world. This is no different also in South Africa where you can get to find several local and international brands’ stores if you know where to look for them. In our enlisting, we will start with those special brands that deal with specific bridal lingerie.
Barclays & Clegg: Being the largest retail of international lingerie brands, which include some of the best and biggest brands and a fantastic collection of specific bridal lingerie, B&C, should be first on your list to visit, before your wedding. Not only does the store of Barclays & Clegg have great quality bridal lingerie, it also houses special lingerie for the occasion, which includes strapless bras and backless bras. Make your first night after the wedding really special with the bridal lingerie of Barclays & Clegg which has 5 stores all in the largest shopping malls of South Africa, that include Gateways of Durban, Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria, Bluebird, Cresta and Fourways Shopping Malls in Johannesburg.
Hanky Panky: this is a great lingerie brand because its lingerie designs really stand out from the crowd. With great babydolls and an exquisite collection of bridal lingerie, the collection of Hanky Panky is a must-see. The collection even differentiates its lingerie depending on the exact stage of wedding with its “For The Bride”, “For the Wedding Day” and “For the Honeymoon” collections which are really worth checking out. Hanky Panky does not have stores in South Africa however, it is sold by the Stuttafords Department stores which you can get to find in virtually every bigger shopping malls.
Vanita is specialised in importing quality bridal lingerie in South Africa, most commonly by Italian brands. Vanita is getting more and more popular for its great collections for the special night. Check their collection online where you can also get to buy them.
Playtex is one of the best lingerie stores to visit when it comes to beautiful white bridal lingerie. In addition, the brand is an expert of corsets that work just perfect for a bridal dress and adds up to the charm of the wedding’s first night. Playtex bridal lingerie can be bought at Edgar’s department stores and its biggest reseller in South Africa is Barclays & Clegg with 5 further stores in the largest shopping malls of Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg.
Find your bridal lingerie and honeymoon collection in one of these great brands that have some of the most exquisite collections out of all lingerie brands in South Africa.  

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