Beach Wedding


So, you’re thinking about a beach wedding? Whether you see it in a tropical paradise in the Caribbean or right down the road, you are in for a treat! The options here are phenomenal! From local beaches to exotic locales, you can easily find a beach wedding that is within your price range and tastes.

Beach weddings are most popular in the islands - any of them! But they are also very popular along the coasts of the United States and especially in the Deep South region. There are many wedding companies that are set up to help you plan your beach wedding from the location to the party favors. Some of these beach wedding sites will even offer websites for your wedding. They will help you plan your perfect beach wedding whether it is just for the two of you or a big event.

As for party favors, you can purchase them 'off the shelf', have someone make them, or do them yourself! These can be as simple as candles filled with pebbles, shells, or stones as the wax is poured in the mold, to candies made using soap molds in the shapes of starfish, clams, shells, etc. And if the beach wedding will be in the islands you might want to pick favors that are souvenirs from the location.

If you are not sure about your beach wedding attire consider the choices: formal dress as in any wedding, a sarong, linen drawstring pants, etc. The choice is yours and there are many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. You might have something in mind or you might want to wear traditional dress if the beach wedding will be in the islands.

Food and drink, if served, can be quite colorful and tempting. Fresh fruits, juices, mixed drinks made with tropical flavors - pina coladas - are all excellent choices. Grilled or barbecued foods are good choices as is seafood. If you are having a beach wedding in the islands, you might want to consider local cuisine for your guests.

No matter where you choose to have a beach wedding though, one thing is certain: it will be a dream wedding! Some of the top beach wedding destinations: Mauritius, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Aruba.


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