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In today's world people are brand and trend conscious whether its clothes, shoes, cars and even with their weddings, wedding trends are being followed all over the world. Usually in olden times people used to get married as per the customs and rituals but gradually things have changed a lot they had created a fusion of rituals and wedding trends. People are following latest wedding trends along with customs and traditions. The wedding trends also keep on changing every year. Wedding trends keeps on revolutionized as new ideas pour in and replace the earlier one. Last year laces and ribbons were in wedding trend. It was used in wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, in the decoration of the wedding venue, stationary of wedding, etc. And this year wedding trend is silk flowers theme. In modern times, theme based wedding and destination wedding are very popular with the couples who pursue wedding trends.

Earlier following wedding trends had been an expensive event but now with most of the all information of the world being available on internet it has become easy for people. Fares of airline have declined considerably which also reduces the cost of traveling. We can book tickets for traveling, book hotel rooms or venue for marriage anywhere in the world online. This had induced people to go for destination wedding. In a way you can enjoy your honeymoon there. But you have to plan it properly or it would go haywire. You can take services of consultant for wedding. He should be well-known to the destination or who resides there and has planned many weddings. This will result into a very fine wedding. Second alternative is to book a hotel which provides wedding planning services. Another alternative is the chapel where the wedding would take place. Find a chapel which would provide services like music, photographs, flowers, marriage certificates, etc. these would lessen the stress.

Wedding trend as theme weddings is really very exciting. The theme solely depends on couple or their selection of current wedding trend. The theme should not outshine the wedding or vice versa it should be complementing each other in complete harmony. The venue should be booked well in advance. Preparations for this wedding trend should be started well months ahead. Some of the popular themes are beach wedding, Cinderella style wedding, spring style wedding, autumn style wedding, Victorian Style wedding, Western style wedding and the list is really long enough for you to choose from. Wedding trends will change and these themes will also modify.

Ultimately whatever wedding trend you decide to opt for just consider how much time, money and hard work it would require.

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